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I think yotogi said it best when he said, "Feren's ripped, dude. Ripped like JESUS."

The commission from Rich Bartrop came in last weekend, and today I received the high-resolution TIF of the final image. When I say "high-resolution" I really mean it -- the file was nineteen megabytes in size, which I think is positively astonishing. I present it below in a slightly more web and modem-friendly format, at 333KB in size.

.: :.

My request was simple: Feren, tastefully nude, in a classical pose. I had something like The Thinker in mind, and Rich ran with the idea. Obviously this is a rather unique take on my signature character, with Rich rendering him in a more muscular form than is traditional for Feren but is typical of Rich's distinct style. I think the digital medium he chose was well-suited for this particular piece -- I can only guess how many hours he spent slaving away in Photoshop. I'm always interested to see how other people interpret my character, and this was an interesting experiment with a pleasant outcome. Overall I'm very pleased with the final product.

if all you told was turned to gold
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