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The coolest part about moving roho and enveri yesterday is a toss-up between the following options:
  • Having a thank-you dinner at BD's bought for me by Roho. Complete with tasty mini-cobbler dessert.
  • Having Aaron, the manager on duty at BD's last night, tell me I probably have SARS.
  • The funky high I got while shuffling boxes and objects between the truck and the house. Low blood sugar + sick + caffeine + fever + sudaphedrine = a trip to the altered states.
  • Discovering how wickedly the veins in my arms pop after assisting in the precarious moving of the treadmill down a flight of stairs. It looked like I was ready to go shoot up in true druggie style after we got done. Hell, I was even shaking and sweating like a junkie in withdrawl!
  • Towels that prevent heavy television sets from digging into my already abused fingers.
  • Meeting some of Roho and Genet's friends in a more official capacity, and discovering how delightful these folks are.
  • Making home-improvement contacts.
  • Dave actually having the presence of mind to calmly request that I pull the truck over so he could vomit. Thank you, Dave.
  • The celebratory round of drinking at the pub across the state line.
  • Buzz Word Bingo, and the newly-spawned Evil Little Plan Number One.
    Now that the excitement is over, I shall go back to being sick and grouchy

    tempted, but the truth is discovered
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