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you have to be kidding me...

I got 3 hours of very broken sleep last night. I arrived ar school this morning with 30 seconds to spare before the attendance monitoring system would have cut off and marked me absent (one absence and I'm essentially expelled). I'm doped to the metaphorical gills on caffeine and sudaphedrine and I didn't study at all (read: haven't even opened the book) for the exam we're having that covers six chapters in the text. My professor noticed I "look and sound like hell."

As soon as I turned in my answer sheet the instructor graded it and called me back up to the front of the classroom so I could see the results. Despite all the forces working against me this morning I somehow managed to score 88 out of 90 points on the exam for a good, solid 97% - an "A".

I think I should go buy a lottery ticket now.

You take my hand, I'll take your hand
Tags: health, school
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