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Feren, gruntled.

The hits just keep on coming!

In other news, I had an absolutely lovely couple of days this weekend. After class on Saturday I caught lunch up at BD's with points, a friend of Points, roho and enveri. After lunch we stopped up in Antioch to see the house again, had a drink at the pub across the state line (that place and I are likely to get well-acquainted) and then drove home. I parted ways with them around 5:40 or so and went back to Z'ha'dum while Roho and Genet went to have a huge dinner with Points and his friend. I wanted to clean up and do some chores around the house since the plan originally called for the two of them to swing down to my place after dinner. Unfortunately -- or perhaps fortunately? -- those plans fell through when the dinner ran long. Dessert was served sometime around 10:15 PM, to my understanding, so it was little surprise that they were tired and more interested in sleep than anything else when they called me at 11:15 that night. I told them not to worry, to go home to Wheeling instead of coming down to my neck of the woods, and that I'd see them in the morning instead.

Sunday morning Roho and Genet showed up on my doorstep and we went down to the bowling alley to roll a couple of games. The goal of our morning was not entirely one of pure, wholesom fun, however... we had an ulterior motive. My local bowling alley comes with a secret bonus that only the really good bowlers know about: the alley's bar opens at 10 in the morning on Sunday, hours ahead of everyone else -- something we planned to take full advantage of. And take advantage of it we did! Much beer was consumed and good times were had by the three of us, since we were on a lane not far from where Heather and her league were bowling. We got done around 1PM or so, but spent the next 45 minutes chatting with Heather and her husband Garry. We also spent twenty minutes in the parking lot going "ooooh" and "aaaaah" over Garry's Honda Civic Hybrid, which is an absolutely tasty vehicle. It's making me reconsider my plans for the next vehicle in my garage to be a Saab Linear Sedan.

We were all starved and had a nice buzz going, so we decided lunch should be had at Applebees. From Applebee's we hit Meijer for ice cream and grilling supplies, then swung past Borders for tasty coffee treats from the cafe. Once we were safely back at Z'ha'dum we got down to the serious business of watching DVDs, drinking gin with tonic and playing Halo. I'm not sure exactly when Roho developed the trait of being able to whip my ass in Halo's combat system, but I have to say he was throwing down one damn fine game. Hell, I'd even go so far as to say he was bringing those blue sparks.

eisenkreis, I need you to swing down here and school him in Rockets before his ego gets out of control.

We talked, drank and gamed until sometime around 1 in the morning, at which point all the energy seemed to drain out of us and we fell into bed. We slept late on Monday morning and they had to get out to Bristol to meet up with a friend, but there was still enough time for a brunch at the Cheddar's restaurant not far from me. Roho and I have both been there before, but Genet hadn't. I think we've made a believer out of her.

That's the shrot summary, poorly-written though it may be. More thoughts on that later this week.

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