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Grades for Summer 2004 Session A were due this week...

... and while I already knew what I'd gotten in my Career Development course (stupid two-credit course completed and posted grades two weeks before my other class), I still hadn't gotten word from my professor about my Humanities class. Since this past Saturday (8/28) was the last day class met and was chalk full of final presentations I wasn't sure if that meant good news or bad for me. The professor had promised to have things graded by Sunday evening and posted, but they weren't up on the system yesterday. So after lunch today I was overwhelmed by curiousity and went over to check my academic history for the semester, "just in case" it had posted last night after I checked.

It had.

I was quite pleased by what I saw, so I thought I'd share it here (and hopefully this time the HTML won't munge up anybody's Friends list)....
UnitSectionTitleFinal Grade
HUMN303ACC_ZIntroduction to the HumanitiesA
CARD410ACC_ZCareer DevelopmentA

Solid gold, baby.

Someday you'll find everything you're looking for, yeah
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