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So yeah, today gen is another year older. Oddly enough this means I also am another year older. Some folk might attribute that coincidence to the fact we share a birthday (the day, not the year), but I'm not so certain. Let's just say I think there's a deeper conspiracy in motion here.

I really hate my office sometimes. Usually I hate it for some good reason or another (overworking employees, denying vacation, poor leadership, etc), but today I hate it for something that's petty and trivial in the scheme of things. Today my employer is the recipient of my righteous ire because our HR department publishes a weekly e-letter that contains anniversaries and birthdays along with the usual company prattle that we're expected to read. I celebrated my five year anniversary with DeVry back in 2002, so they will leave me alone until sometime in 2007 when I hit my ten year mark -- that's good. Human Resources inherently has access to our birthdates and seems to thrive off publishing this information to the company as a whole -- that's bad. You read that right: if you have a birthday this week, the entire corporate office is going to know about it. Thanks a lot, guys and gals.

Not only does this get circulated via our weekly newsletter, the IT/Systems department administrative assistants also seem to get off on collecting this information from HR in advance and creating a poster every four weeks that lists the names and dates of that month's birthdays. It wouldn't be such a big deal if they didn't print out ten trillion copies of it and plaster them to every vertical surface in our suite. I can't leave the floor or go to the coffee machine for a cup of joe without being confronted with the names of everyone who has had or will have a birthday this month.

For added humor value Donna highlights the names of any IT/Systems staff that may be on the list.

Thanks to the dual ass-beating I'm taking at the hands of these folks my birthdate is now common knowledge to the entire department as well as my team. I wouldn't mind this too much, but there's a dire consequence to be faced: now that they know today is my birthday several of my coworkers have made vague noises about taking me out for lunch today to "celebrate." I'm not overjoyed at this prospect by any means. Usually going out for birthday lunch means going to Hooters or someplace equally "fun," suffering the company of individuals I really don't care to be around and having to be humiliated by the waitstaff. If I'm going to be embarassed by somebody, I want it to be like last year, where I'm at the mercy of people who know me and who are invested with a sense of style.

Extortion and arson, petty larceny

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