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I am an asshole, part five (it just never ends)

I had to share this little tidbit of joy that I had delivered to me on dART. See, I happened to catch somebody blatantly stealing arphalia's work the other night. I alerted eisenkreis and we proceeded to do what we do best in such cases: Alert the admins of dART about the asshattery and, while waiting for them to take action based on our reports, we proceed to lambast the hell out of the thief by pointing out who really deserves credit. I think my favorite comment to one adoring fan's reply came from Arphalia when she said, "If you like that, you'll love the original!" and proceeded to link to her original work.

The thief has a friend who decided she had to stand up to this. She proceeded to "educate" us about our wrong thinking by explaining that it wasn't theft, you see, it was a BIG FREAKING COMPLIMENT. It really IS the theif's work because she took the time to trace and upload it. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Things went to the next level when the thief's friend decided to take the argument into Ashryn and Arphalia's galleries with snotty little comments that could only originate from a sheltered teenage girl.

To make a long story short, things had mostly calmed down once the pieces were removed, the thief apologized and this other little twit shut up. I was content and all was right with world until I logged in last night to find a note waiting for me...

ook pal i've stopped talking about it, why cant you? she NEVER claimed that art as her own, so why do you find it necessary to make claims you have no right to make? yeah, i did stand up for her...because people were saying that all of her art was a fraud, and that is simply not the case. she loved arphalia's work, and felt a special connection to it. she copied it for practice, not to claim it as her own. she posted it out of pure respect...unfortunately, she made the mistake of thinking the category of "fanart" was enough to give credit. it is not. she has apologized and removed the art from her site, arphalia is fine now. why do you insist on getting involved and tainting lymekat's as well as my reputation...two people you have never met, or ever spoken to personally? what started out as me ending false comments ended up being an all out fight, something i did not intend on doing. unfortunately, what i said was misunderstood, something that easily happens when you speak over the internet. at this point, we've all moved on, and your comments are not called for or appropriate. dont pass judgement on someone you do not know. believe me, i truely think arphalia had the right to be upset. But things got taken out of hand, human nature took over, and people twisted lymekat's intentions. lets just leave this behind in the past. As far as lymekat, she has learned the ever so important lesson of being VERY candid about giving credit. I think we should all just be mature and move on and continue doing what we love to do, make art and share it with the community.



p.s- i'd love to get feedback, but please, i mean this as a kind note---sort of a truce i suppose---i dont intend on this leading to another argument. thanks!

Ooops, that was a tactical mistake on her part. I'm sure it was all just a misunderstanding since she was classifying Arphalia as a "Dirty sloth" and had the overwhelming need to try to take a parting shot at with me. Sorry, no, that doesn't wash. Since she'd pulled this same passive-aggressive shit with Ashryn and Arphalia the night previous I felt precious little remorse when I fired back my reply:

Of course you didn't mean to lead things to another argument -- that's why you sent me a note, telling me I'm SO MEAN and making groundless accusations and how my comments aren't appropriate and then speaking for your friend, right? Because god knows she can't speak for herself! Do you get paid to be her publicity agent, or do you just like to see yourself type? Do you enjoy the sound of clicking keys as you let loose another arrow of self-serving righteousness?

Bravo for you, Queen of OMG I MUST GET THE LAST WORD. You are by far more of a detriment to your friend than her actions ever were. I'm not tainting your reputation, babe, because you did a jolly fine job all on your own by storming into Ashryn and Arphalia's journal. "Paratroopers over the side!" and all that. FunFact: sending me this little lovenote isn't helping your case any either.

I'm fairly certain you did eat a box of laxatives, because you continue to blow every last shred of dignity and credibility you own right out your rectum with gale-force winds.

I mean this with all sincereity: I don't care about you or your great crusade. If you leave me alone and stop being a general nuisance I'll forget you exist, and then everyone can be happy because we will all move on with our lives. Believe me, you want me to forget you exist. But until that time, I promise that for every attempt you make to communicate with me I will meet you with increasingly vicious amounts of derision. Take the hint and JUST GO AWAY, NUTBAG.


The PDS are not to be trifled with.
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