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Drawbacks of Being "Unattached" #23:

Tonight was the first quiz in my MGMT 408 class. I came in completely unprepared: I didn't know what chapters the quiz was going to be on, I didn't study either of the two possible chapters all week and I only briefly skimmed the material from the handouts in the five minutes prior to class. I got through the test before anyone else in the class and handed it in with a feeling that I'd either done very well or very poorly. It turns out that I got an "A" on the exam.

It turns out I was the only one to get a score that high (I was the only "A". The only one. Mind-bending!). Everyone else was in the "C" or "D" range, with five of the nineteen students (counting myself) receiving an "F."

As a reward the professor gave me two free tickets to any show of my choosing at a landmark improv comedy club in downtown Chicago. This is the same club where names like Chris Farley got their start and then remained regular for years afterwards. This is really cool and one hell of a massive ego stroke.

The drawback is that it's two tickets, so for me to get any real value from these I'd have to find somebody to take with me. One could accurately describe this situation as "needing to find a date who wants to go with me to a comedy show."

Yeah, right.

I didn't know you had any feelings.

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