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It's been a very busy five days -- but I wouldn't trade them for the world. ashryn and arphalia arrived Thursday afternoon and left a little under an hour ago for their trip back home. I didn't want to see them go, naturally, this visit felt like it was over far too soon. While they were here I didn't spend any significant time online because I wanted to be a courteous host and put my attention towards my company. Thus I found myself pretty much ignoring AIM, the MUCKs, IRC and LJ. This leaves me five or so days behind in the journals I follow but I'm looking forward to a marathon blitz of catch-up reading.

We'd originally had some ambitious plans foir various activities but the sudden change in the weather from mild 70s to mid 40s made us scrap several of them. We did walk to Borders twice for coffee and browsing, which netted Arphalia a new set of sketchbooks while Ashryn and I got some new DVDs to watch. chebutykin will also be pleased to know that we dropped by the movie theater up the street and got tickets to the new Dawn of the Dead. It's been a long time since I've seen a movie on the big screen and DotD was a great choice. Yes it is nothing more than a remake and yes the zombies run instead of shuffle (heretics!) but it was still just a fun film to take in. It seems like the Sunday trip to BD's for lunch was a hit with everyone as well, with the added bonus of giving me the opportunity to introduced Ashi and Arph to roho and enveri. My only regret about BDs (besides overeating to the point I felt like I was going to burst) was that I didn't get to hop on the grill. I guess that's something I'll have to make sure happens the next time they're around! After lunch we spent 6 or so hours just hanging about the old apartment. We had some drinks, a nice snack from a platter of treats that Genet whipped up for us and lots of conversation. I had the pleasure of watching the artists do a good deal of sketching while the TV ran through Iron Chef, Mythbusters and a new episode of The Sopranos.

Aside from those few times we ventured out most of the visit was spent at the house. Time was passed as we watched DVDs, listened to music on my newly-constructed entertainment system (Infected Mushroom really comes alive when I switch the Onky over to DSP "Theater" mode), drank gin, drank whiskey and ... err, hung out. To borrow from a comment made in one of Ashryn's previous LJ entries, the lot of you can sit and let your imaginations run themselves ragged... Tra la la ~/o But seriously: all told it was a pleasant, very relaxing weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed their company.

Quotable quote without context from the last five days: Every time I reach into your pants I find your lighter!

. o O o .

Addendum 2243: I've had every window in the house open since about 2pm because the weather today has been phenomenal (high in the upper 70s with a nice light breeze and lots of sun). I love the smell of fresh air.

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