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I'm getting a lawnmower for free from Heather and Gary -- they just bought a new one, so they want to drop off the old one at Z'ha'dum Saturday while I am away for class. Hey, it may need a little tinkering and the blade probably needs to be sharpened, but that's a pretty trivial cost (carburetor rebuild kits are cheap and my angle grinder will give the blade a spanking-new edge in no time) compared to spending $198 or more on a brand-new unit.

This could not have come at a better time... the lawn was not cut by the previous owners before the snow fell, so what I have right now is quite long and unruly looking. In addition to making me look like a negligent homeowner all that old, dead grass is keeping the new growth from really getting started now that the temperatures have risen and the spring rains have begun. On the drive to and from work I see lawns that are quickly turning a lush shade of green, and mine is not. My pride as a home owner is at risk! Intolerable!

We're living on the edge

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