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Server update...

Panther's back as of 2:23 PM.

At this point I have to say Valueweb doesn't impress me at all, and here's why: They sent an e-mail at 1:07 PM stating "the server is being rebooted." Apparently in value-Speaq that actually means "We'll get around to rebooting it in the future if we feel like it." Crazy me, I expected they were doing what they said, so when I checked at 1:20 I was upset to find the server wasn't responding. I tried again at 1:30, 1:40, 1:50 and 2 PM... still the server wasn't answering. When I finally got in at 2:20 the system had been up for a whole 8 minutes, meaning they rebooted it physically at some time around 2:10 PM. Thus I deduce that Valuweb waited an hour after sending the e-mail... or the server takes an hour to boot. Since this isn't an AS/400 and is in fact a 1.5GHz or greater machine I think I can safely rule out the long POST explanation.

I wouldn't be so annoyed if they'd just sent me the email saying "We'll reboot it in forty-five minutes" or something to that effect. Sending me an e-mail saying "The server is being rebooted" makes it sound sort of like the actual process is occuring as they write the letter, which it clearly wasn't.

Either I'm going to track down a new colocation facility, or I'm going to just throw my hat in and quit. Not sure which yet.

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