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roho and enveri coaxed me away from Z'ha'dum with promises that Bill is back on the grill at BD's. They were right! His fast-sticking action is a joy to behold once more in the house of tasty stir-fry.

As a double bonus, the BD's crew had a parody of Family Guy on their blackboard! I went through and snapped a few pictures with the SideKick, and have them here for your viewing pleasure. I have only one thing to say about these images....

The Big Picture

The Family Grill

The cast list

o/~ OMG this grill is FREAKING SWEET! o/~

Stewie condemns you all!

I keep telling Genet that she has to draw on that board some time, but she keeps telling me to get bent every time I suggest it. I don't know why, either! I happen to think the whole store would love it.

This house is freakin' sweet!

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