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Oh dear...

While wandering around the local mega-petstore-chain installation (I think it's a PetSmart) in the mall across the street with ashryn and arphalia last night I found that they have six cats up for adoption to good homes (for a small fee). One of them is a lovely six-month-old jet black domestic short-hair named "Eli." He looks almost exactly like Ra when I first saw him, and he's terribly sweet. I nearly adopted him on the spot but I told myself I should sleep on it, and Ashryn agreed.

I find myself wondering if Ra would like another cat in the house to keep him company while I'm away at work and school. Right before I moved out of the apartment I was sharing with roho and enveri I know that Ra and Marcus were getting along fabulously, and I think the company was helping keep Ra from being bored. This could be a real boon for my little black bundle of harf, even though Ra is now somewhere in the area of five years old by my best estimates. Remembering how Ra was when I first brought him home makes me think I'm nuts for taking on a six-month-old kitten, but at the same time I think that's a young enough age where it'll be easy for him to adapt to his new living conditions and to having to share the house with Ra.

Auuuuugh, I should not be doing this to myself....

be mine sister salvation
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