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zephyrgrrl: You could classify the imbalance as living vicariously through others, I think. If they're happy then I'm happy, otherwise it doesn't matter.

stryck: When I do it? 53.9. Something's probably wrong.

chebutykin: No, but I do.

miang: Yes there was, and I think it is still working out, at least! Um... hmm, how do you describe something that defies classification? Beautiful, insightful, reserved, outgoing, tender, aloof -- full of contradictions like that. Add also independent, creative, determined, intelligent, well-educated and probably a wonderful dancer.

sylverfox: In my book it's either pizza or burgers, but if I had to decide between the two: authentic. It's heavier, stick-to-your-ribs good.

arphalia: Yes!

jingle: Bacon-wrapped chicken.

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