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Vote now! Voting over! - Paint It Black
Living the American dream one heartbreaking piece at a time
Vote now! Voting over!
Well, I got my final exam for TCM-430 out of the way. I got through it a lot faster than I expected, but I suppose that's because there was half the number of questions I was anticipating (43 versus 100). I walked away from this test with a pretty good feeling, there were maybe four questions total where I was stumped and had to use the process of elimination to arrive at an answer. One hour and fifteen minutes for 43 questions... That's about 1.75 minutes per question, including the time I took to double-check my answers when I had completed the test. Not bad, although it was a bit nerve-wracking to be the second-to-last person out of the classroom.

In six days I start this dance all over again, only I'll be taking two classes over the eight-week term instead of just one. Maybe I'm nuts to start loading coarses up like this, but I really want to finish this degree before the end of 2004.

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