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Okay, that sucked...

I feel that the quiz went badly. While I'm sure I gave the right answers I am not sure I gave them in the format the professor was looking for. As for the lab final, that was far more unnerving: my elegant router-on-a-stick configuration (used hundreds of times before in our production environment) wouldn't work in the lab because they're running an impoper incarnation of the IOS. Since they're on the right version level but the wrong train the router couldn't speak ISL or dot-1-q to the switch (or the switch couldn't speak trunking to the router, however you may wish to interpret it). I spoke to the professor about the situation and he said to submit my labwork anyway. This doesn't fill me with confidence, because you would think he might actually test the feasibility of the labwork in the Telecommunications Lab before assigning it to us and making it a quarter of our grade.

I think what pisses me off far more is that I acquired a new scratch on my Expedition's hood thanks to one of the shelves in my garage. Come summertime I'm grabbing my Sawz-All and tearing that damn thing out -- I knew it was going to be a problem from the word "go," and now I have proof by way of damaged paint. Dammit.

On the upside, according to StephenKing.com the last two books in the Dark Tower series (Susannah's Song and The Dark Tower) will be released this year, June 8th and September 21st respectively. I'm currently working my way through abother of his novels, From A Buick 8, and enjoying myself immensely. I'm eagerly looking forward to the conclusion of what is probably one of the best stories ever put to paper.

I think tonight calls for a visit to Heather's for some talk-and-beer therapy.

Heaven knows what happens now
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