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Sleepy thoughts...

Today was somewhat productive if nothing else. I did my usual thing at work, dropped off all the misdirected mail I'm receiving with the realtor, broke down some boxes from the move and put the backdrop up on my fish tank after trimming it to size. I also had the questionable pleasure of moving my old Sun Ultra 2 machine (the second "panther" server in the series of machines to carry that hostname) and various accessories (including one hernia-inducing APC Smart-UPS 2200) out of my coworker's apartment and into the Blue Room of Death. My back is a screaming montage of pulled muscles and slipped discs.

Other things that I did this evening included sorting my recycling, cleaning up an incredible amount of Ra harf and hanging some more pieces of artwork on the walls of Z'ha'dum. I'm so exciting.

Before I get ready for bed I find myself plagued with a number of different thoughts, and while this flood of cogitation is a bit unnerving I still welcome it because it provides a much-needed distraction. Tonight the thoughts are covering a wide range of topics and include excitement that my 6.1 surround speaker set has arrived at last (I pick it up from the UPS office tomorrow), a rant that I want to write (pretentious people can suck on a stick of dynamite with a lit fuse), some self-doubt (take this life and... keep it?) and the familiar tingling sensation in my stomach that I have come to identify as longing for the "good old days" (that in many ways were not-so-good). I wonder if I'll have any interesting dreams tonight.

Roam if you want to
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