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This is a show not to miss!

I heard about this on the radio while driving home. A two hour telethon on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox will be held called America: A Tribute To Heroes. The goal, according to the press release, is to "Raise funds and raise the spirits of all who have been touched by the horrific tragedy that has struck America." Participants will include (but aren't limited to) Tom Cruise, Bon Jovi, Jim Carrey, Neil Young, Dixie Chicks, Robert De Niro, Faith Hill, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon and more. This tribute will air at 8pm Central on Friday, September 21st. Check your favorite network's website for more information (I found very good information on nbc.com myself).

I'll be sure to get my VCR programmed for this... if I ever have kids, this is the sort of lesson I want them to learn.

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