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After a lot of aimless driving and creative cursing (damn you, Mapquest!) I finally got to the Hillsdale FedEx facility to pick up my package from newegg. I talked to three other people in line and they all said they had trouble finding the place as well, so I don't feel so bad. Despite the hardships I got my shipment and returned home to Z'ha'dum to unbox it. I now have my cablemodem set up and connected to my PC. Now I just need cable to make it go! That problem will, with luck, be solved tomorrow.

Gotta get up and in to the office a half-hour earlier in the morning to oversee a campus conversion off our frame cloud and onto the new ATM network, so I'll be going to bed early. This is fine by me since I'm feeling rather sick to my stomach tonight -- curling up in bed sounds pretty good.

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