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Things I did today...

  • Worried for a loved one's family.
  • Had a big lunch - comfort food.
  • Did several loads of laundry at home. Whites are not getting white enough for my satisfaction, so I guess I need some more bleach.
  • Yelled at Ra for being a pest.
  • Cuddled with Ra when he was good.
  • Folded laundry. Bed sheets are a pain to fold.
  • Listened to some MP3s.
  • Put away dishes.
  • Had some cheesecake.
  • Hung a lot of art on the walls of Z'ha'dum, and laid out the rest in the places I think I'd like to hang it. I wished frequently for a laser-based level.

IStill not king, but closer to having a kingdom.

Rescue me

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