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Started the morning off cleaning up Ra's harf, then lazed about the apartment for a bit, chatting on AIM. Eventually I got myself showered and drove up to Wheeling to catch a ride with roho and enveri to BD's for lunch. Happily we were joined by "Crispy" Dan and his lady, which made for lively, if crispy-fied, conversation.

After lunch we made a trip with Crispy and Kathleen to a new store near BD's called "Low Carb Chicago." One guess ehat they specialize in. After buying some food there we dropped by Circuit City, then went back to the apartment to trade Gee's car out for my Expedition. With the Expedition we went over to Sam's Club and got miscellaneous supplies. Back to the apartment sso we could settle in and watch a few episodes of Babylon 5 on the new TV. I only have this to say: component video whips composite sixty-five ways from Sunday. That's B5n the way it is meant to be experienced.

Once the tradition of B5 Sunday had been completed it was around 6:15 PM so I bid good-night to the couple, forgot my package from low Carb Chicago in Gee's car and drove home. Once I had the Expedition unloaded I settled in for a very light dinner, discovered I had forgotten my bag of goodies up north and found two spots where Ra had been sick while I was out of the house. Sometimes nothing changes in the Matrix, Neo.

it's a mighty tight squeeze

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