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if it ain't one thing it's another...

I got my errands done... I now have wall plates for the Blue Room, I have coffe filters, I have the proper 150w bulb for my torchiere lamp and I achieved cables for hooking together my A/V gear. Things look like they're going good... I had a bit of trouble with the wires so I had to exchange them, but that was no big deal. In the end I actually saved $24 so it was a benefit rather than an annoyance.

I get everything wired together, throw the switch on the TV and discover the Onkyo's inputs are scrambled... No matter what input I take I only see the feed from the DVD input, and that's flickering and scrolling so badly it obscures the Onkyo's On-screen Display. I redid the wiring, changed inputs around and did whatever else I could to troubleshoot the problem. Everything points back at the receiver no matter what I try.

To say that I'm disappointed is a bit of an understatement. Fortunately for me there is an Onkyo authorized service center about 20 miles from me in Carol Stream. I'll be giving them a call tomorrow and hoping against hope that they're open. If I am lucky and they are open I will schedule a time to drop the receiver off for examination and repair, although I am going to push for outright replacement.

This is rather frustrating and leaves me with a level of stress that is absolutely out of proportion to the situation. Fortunately I can do other things about the house (like laundry or work in the BRoD) while I have all this angry energy to work off.
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