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“It's about 1:50 in the afternoon on Satuday. Took care of my mid-term, drove back home...and, uh...met up with my dad and we zipped over to Home Depot. Picked up a few items that we needed for the house and currently we are northbound on I-355. About a mile south of Ill 64/North Ave right about now.

Driving up to Lincoln Hills in the Expedition, my father is in his pickup behind me and he has his dump trailer attached. We're going to go up to my storage unit. See if we can't empty that guy out today.

I'd like to get everything out of there today if at all possible while the weather's good and there's no risk of snow. The temperatures aren't too terrible. Right now we're looking at a high of 16 degrees Farenheit with a wind chill of 1 below zero so, uh, it's better than we've had in the last couple days.

And I imagine we'll be kept plenty warm trying to move out a sofa, recliners, desk, entertainment center, tables and whatever else is left up there.

Not going too fast because with the trailer dad's pickup is...uh...not inclined to going...uh, at 80 miles an hour. So I figure it'll take us about an hour to get to the storage unit, another hour to pack it, drive down--take us another hour of course, and then about an hour and a half to unpack it and get it moved into the house and at least setting in my living room...somewhere.

I hope everybody's having a good weekend. You're having more fun than I am if you're not out freezing your tail off trying to move and unload heavy items of furniture. So be glad you're not hanging out with me, that's all I can say. Take care.”

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