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New Address via E-mail

Thanks to everyone who responded to my silly little poll. For those of you who indicated that you wanted to receive it via e-mail, I just sent the letter out with my updated postal address. Some people I didn't have an e-mail address for, so I tried my best (usually by checking LiveJournal) and used whatever I could find. If you don't receive the message, please let me know, I may have gotten an old or discontinued address, amde a typo, or encountered any number of other little mistakes. anher, I couldn't find anything in my address book or on LiveJournal for you, but I did sent it to stryck so I would hope she can pass it along. spoothbrush, I sent it to captain18 so you can get it from him as discussed.

For those of you who specified you'd like to receive it via a private entry, I'll be doing that next.

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