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Simple recap....

  • I got my morning off to a wonderful start by getting the opportunity to visit with shiver101, which is always a pleasure.
  • I was invited to join orkut in a surprise move by roho's old roommate, "Crispy" Dan.
  • brianblackberry messaged me over AIM and asked me to give him some specifics on a commission offer I had advanced to him some time ago. I had honestly thought he'd forgotten. I'm eager to see how this piece comes out.
  • I spent a good hour and a half chatting with amichele2 over AIM in the afternoon.
  • I went to dinner at the Continental with enveri, then did a spot of shopping at Dominick's and The Dollar Store. I bought some tile cleaner, some soda, some candle holders and other little things. The dinner was a nice chance to touch base and relax. After we got back to the apartment I grabbed my pillows, took down my art and loaded some other computer gear in the truck for the drive back home. Slowly but surely I'm easing out of the apartment. I had meant to do more cleaning tonight but the dinner and shopping with Genet sort of distracted me. I won't complain if she won't....
  • On the drive home I talked with DS, an old coworker and loose associate from my days at the Addison campus. We shot the breeze for about 45 minutes, having a good laugh and making plans to do lunch together sometime soon. I haven't seen him in about two years, so this should prove interesting.
  • I just got a call from my uncle "Fuzzy." It seems my dad is trying to call me but his long distance carrier has been screwed up, so he can't reach me. I wonder if they're going to drive down here tomorrow.....
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