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Second night at the house tonight. Ra's been opening cabinet doors in the kitchen and evidences a real curiousity about the entryway closet.

After work today I drove up to the apartment to pick up some more of my belongings such as my desk, computer chair, floor mat, UPS, speakers, computer and clothes. I had apparently been in such a rush last night that I forgot most of my bathroom supplies (toothbrush, comb, razor, etc), something enveri noticed this morning, it would seem. I am told I got a sympathetic wince for my oversight.

Once those were loaded to my satisfaction I gave my key to the apartment mailbox back to Genet and drove home. I got in around 7:20, having made fairly good time. I got things unloaded by about 7:45, and then spent another 20 minutes shoveling the driveway. When I was done clearing the snow I came inside and discovered that my fingers were all quite frostbitten - damn those cheap gloves! I gave them a bit of time to warm up, then made a quick and easy dinner for myself. Once I had eaten my fill I packed away the leftovers in the fridge and threw a load of laundry into the washer. Its an ornery old thing but it gets the job done. While it bumped, shimmied and clanked its way through the cycle I filled a sink with water and detergent and proceeded to wash dishes. I got the five-piece beer set washed and on the drying rack along with anumber of glasses from storage. Tomorrow I'll put away what was on the drying rack and move on to the next box, which will hopefully contain dishes and flatware.

It's getting late and all the shoveling has made me a little tired. I'm going to let the dryer run unattended and go to bed -- I'll rescue a pair of dress socks in the morning and fold clothes when I get home tomorrow night.

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