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The haunted mansion?

Not quite, but this is the first night I'm spending in the house. I packed up my dresser, the most of my clothes, Ra and his accessories before I motored down from the apartment to the house. I'm a bit anxious about this first night, because.... Well, I'm alone and in a strange place -- its hard not to feel anxious. But this is my house now, so I better get used to it.

Ra has been incredibly vocal and as annoying as it is when he howls I can't blame him for his actions. The house is a whole new environment for him and it represents the second time he's been uprooted in the last 30 days. If the way he's clinging to me on the bed is any indicator I bet he won't leave my side all night.

I'd write more but I am already 45 minutes late for bed -- and if it snows again tonight I'm going to have a very early morning tomorrow because I will have to shovel the driveway before I shower and leave for work. The joys of home ownership unfold before me!

I hear words in clips and phrases
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