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I lied.... no detailed entry tonight as I'm too tired and full of introspection to write a proper journal entry. Let it suffice to say at this point that I owe a deep debt of thanks to roho and enveri for their assistance throughout this journey that I am taking. We had a great lunch at BDs and made a lot of headway at the storage unit this afternoon, which surprised all of us to some extent. The clothes dryer in my utility room was officially christened tonight with its first load of laundry since I became owner, dinner was had at Chili's and we were pleasantly surprised over and over again at Meijer, which had a little bit of everything for all of us (except for low-carb peanut butter, which I hopefully will obtain at the Jewel-Osco).

I wanted to write a lot tonight, but we got home around 9:30 and opted to have a cup of tea -- I tried the gingerbread, and found it quite pleasant in aroma and taste -- while we watched an episode of Babylon 5. By the time that was over the time was 10:30, and when I was done with my evening routine in the bathroom the clock read 10:45. I laid down for a while and was soon to discover that I am suffering from a mild bout of insomnia, something that hasn't happened to me in quite a while. So, until I finally do get sleepy, I'm staying online and talking with yotogi, amichele2, eisenkreis, linnaeus, datahawk and whoever else is still awake and willing to pass some time with me.

My eyes keep getting drawn to the clock while I'm sitting here at my desk. Each time I look at it I perform a bit of arithmatic in my head, indulging in a sort of habit I've acquired over the last few months. What I do is take the time it is here and add eight hours to it (eight hours when we're on CST, seven hours when we're on that ridiculous CDT). Once I have that figure I know exactly what time it is for her, and I find myself wondering what is going on at that moment. Breakfast? A lap at the pool? Driving to work? Sometimes I wonder if she has ever done the same thing.

Like I said, lots of introspection tonight. It's not bad or good -- it just is. I actually welcome it as I'm not sure when the last time was that I just sat down and did any soul-searching. Sometimes it's hard to take the time out to be truthful with myself, but when I can't sleep there is very little else for me to do and it comes more easily. Perhaps insomnia is a natural way to induce honesty with oneself.

Every hand's a winner

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