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Invader Zim on DVD?

Yay! We're doomed and I couldn't be more pleased about it. I was wondering if Nick was going to pick up on the hints the rather rabid fanbase has been sending out, and I imagine that the overwhelmingly positive reaction to FOX's "Family Guy" DVDs probably didn't hurt the cause either.

There will be a more detailed entry to come tonight with details of yesterday interspersed with today's events. The highlights for Saturday include how I spent five hours of my day with power tools, how I defeated a wicked quiz, my surprise at only being recognized by a former coworker after three weeks and thoughts on the nature of trust. All that will come later, however, because first I must feed my need for stir-fry with a trip to BD's. After BDs it's off to the storage unit for more box-moving excitement!

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