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Ow ow ow ow ow

Not sure if it's the microwave move from Monday night (MMFMN?) coming back to haunt me, or if I slept wrong, or if it's a little of both.... but "ow." At present the small of my back feels like there's an axe lodged in it. A large, double-bitted axe, probably something you'd expect to see a dwarf carrying in one of the "Lord of the Rings" movies. A few minutes ago I dosed up with naproxen, which will have the pleasant side effect of making my wrists behave a bit better today... but right now I'm mostly waiting for the searing agony I feel with every movement I make to become something more closely resembling a not-searing agony. I'm not greedy, I'd settle for "obnoxious pain." However, until that happens I'll be sitting stiffly here at my desk, looking for all the world like a department store mannequin.

But at least I'm a well-paid mannequin.

. o O o .

Edit 0818 1/22/04: Does anybody remember the Stephen King novel Christine? Does anybody remember how Arnie hurt his back? I'm beginning to wonder if I was out pushing my Expedition around last night and I don't even remember it...
Tags: broken_parts, dumbass, house, ow

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