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Many firsts today...

I bought a new bed, the first one in over ten years. I now have a queen-sized bed to go along with the queen-sized headboard I was given for Christmas. Heather and her husband Gary helped me pick it up from the store and bring it into the house. After they left I set it up and took a twenty minute nap on it. It's a tremendous improvement over my old, broken twin. I can't begin to describe how restful it was to lay there even for that short period of time.

I visited my first Meijer this evening. It reminds me very much of the Holiday store that I used to work for back in Minnesota. Sporting goods, clothes, groceries and more... all under one roof, in one store. I think it's very, very cool -- although part of that is just because it makes me feel like I'm back in my old stomping grounds in Minnesota. I bought some Corona Lite and Miller Lite, some soda (Diet Code Red and Diet Vanilla Coke), a low-carb cookbook and some lightbulbs.

I plugged my bass into the amp and tried to get it back into tune. This is the first time in five or six months that I've done anything related to the guitar. I need to stop at Sam Ash or something so I can get a guitar stand. I know that moving the guitar in and out of its soft case is part of why it's impossible to keep in tune.

I was invited to -- and attended -- my first poker night at Heather's house. I mostly sat around and talked with Heather, opting to stay out of the poker game. It was nice to talk to her, she and I go back for many many years now and we haven't been in touch much over the last 12 months. It's amazing how much has changed over that time, so we had a lot of "catching up" to do.

I unpacked my slow-cooker, and now it's sitting on the kitchen counter by the stove.

I installed my first Novell 6 server today. Okay, it was for the class lab experiment, but it's still the first one I installed. I learned that Novell and Xwindows don't mix, despite Novell's best efforts.

My color Sidekick broke today. When I open the screen it stays dim (no backlighting) and the keypad gets very, very bright. I'll have to contact Tmovile's customer service and try to coax a replacement out of them. Pity, things were going so well until now.

Tomorrow is BDs and then the MFF staff meeting. duncandahusky and takaza are in town, which is nice because I always enjoy seeing them.

And now it's off to bed for me, despite the attempts of a very purry Marcus to convince me to sleep on the futon in the livingroom.

I’ve been tryin’ to get down
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