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Things I did today...

  • Called in sick to work and slept until about 10:30, since I was still hammered and feeling sick this morning when my alarm went off at 5:30. I had the hangover from hell, too, and that didn't go away until I drank a lot of water, took some vitamins and downed a couple naproxen capsules. That will teach me to never again mix Cuervo, Jim and Jack on a night of drinking.
  • Drove down to the house and unloaded a second truckful of boxes that I had packed yesterday.
  • Picked up the mail.
  • Drove back to the apartment and loaded the Expedition up again. It's amazing how much floor space the apartment has gotten back now that I'm moving out. Our foyer closet is almost empty!
  • Had lunch and watched some television.
  • Drove back down to the house and unloaded the Expedition. Pretty much everything that was in the apartment that wasn't in my bedroom is now sitting in my livingroom.
  • Hung some art in the foyer. I guess this officially makes it "my house."
  • Convinced the security system to stop beeping.
  • Discovered the water has been turned off, so I called in to set up a new account. Service should be ready to go on the 16th if all goes well.
  • Puttered around the place, moving a few boxes and doing generally trivial things. I started taping off the trim in the small bedroom in preparation for painting, but stopped once I realized I don't know how I want to handle the baseboard. I need to think about that.
  • Drove back to the apartment.
  • Ordered phone service from AT&T. Eat that, SBC! I'm getting my local phone service, caller-ID, voicemail, call-waiting and 3-way calling for $31 a month. I already know what my phone number is going to be, too. AT&T rocks.
  • Ordered electrical service. I'm a little alarmed that the online form says the order succeeded but that errors were encountered. Hopefully I'll hear back from them quickly.
  • Ordered gas service. I'm nervous about that too.
  • Researched broadband options. I'll probably go with SpeakEasy for 1.5M DSL service.
  • Researched options from ADT for the security system. I'm thinking about upgrading the control panel that's currently installed, but I'm not sure if that'll do anything of value for me. Before I turn the old system on I need to ask some questions about how it works. It has a motion detector and I'm concerned that it might get set off by Ra.
  • Ate dinner.

So there you have it. I did a lot of house-related stuff today, racked up some serious mileage on the Expy since it's an 80 mile round-trip, and made some pretty good progress with moving in. I'll probably skip doing anything with it tomorrow -- I'm feeling rather tired and I think I'm getting the flu ... my stomach's being bad and my woozy head are a good indication. Besides, I've already moved everything that's small and/or easy to transport, which leaves me with the big or clumsy stuff like my desk, bed, dresser and fish tank. Friday night I'll probably empty out all the clothes in my closet here at the apartment and run those down to the house just to get it out of the way.

Saturday after class I'll be going over to Sam's Club to pick up a new bed. This is one expense I'm actually eager to incur -- I have no plans to start life in my new house by sleeping on my old bed. It's old, it's tiny (just a little twin) and the springs are completely destroyed so I end up doing more harm to my back than good. I want some space to sprawl out in, so I'm going to buy a nice queen-size setup. Once the bed is unloaded and situated in the bedroom I will check to see if the water service was turned on. If I have running water I'll probably take up residence down there from that point on.

That's enough writing for me tonight. I'm going to lay down and hope that when I wake up tomorrow I feel better.

Come on, get down
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