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Chores, chores...

I did a few different things today. On my way in to work I stopped at the Wal-mart to browse through the various alarm clocks they had. I still haven't settled on a replacement for my old Sony, but I have an idea of what's out there. It's weird to think that I'm "shopping" for an alarm clock, but there you have it.

I worked a couple of different helpdesk tickets, cleaning up some MCI issues that were outstanding from when I was on call last week. It's scary to think that our Decatur campus suffered four hours of downtime because a Verilink card was loose. The scary part is they had to reseat it a few times before they got the connection tight enough that we didn't take 20 errors per second on the line.

I bought a house.

I picked up some Atkins bars and some cheese on the drive home. There's a very credible rumor going around that Dominicks (a major grocery chain in this area) is going to close its doors, so I'm taking advantage of the bargains and enjoying the ride while it lasts.

Right now Ra and Marcus are being insufferably cute by curling up next to one another. I'm going to have to take some pictures with the camera I borrowed from my dad, and see if I can't get them uploaded later tonight. Cuteness like this must be inflicted upon the world at large.
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