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  • Money is what makes this world go 'round
  • I like(d) spending money on my friends
  • I have expensive tastes (booze, electronics, cars and art)
  • I am a good consumer whore (see above)
  • I am prone to being hit with heavy expenses (vet bills for the cat, unexpected car repairs and acting as a loan broker)
  • My taxes are too simple
  • I don't like how little money I am saving per month
  • I am not pleased with how long it has taken me to achieve my current level of savings in my various accounts (401(k), savings accounts, Roth IRA, bonds, etc)
  • Inflation looms in our future
  • I have too much free time
  • I'm unsatisfied with the fact I'm still drawing breath

Well, when I take all of that into account I can only come to one conclusion: I think I should look into getting a second job. I just dunno where I should apply at first.

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