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“00'00 // Today's valuable lesson is that it is an acquired skill to be able to hold a travel mug, pour coffee from a thermos into the travel mug and maintain control of a vehicle that's going 70 miles an hour. I'm not sure how my father managed to learn this skill, but it's simply eluding me at this point. Everytime I want coffee I have to pull over to the side and pour a new cup, yet I know from repeated experience, mostly trips up north with my father, that he can do it no problem... I-i-i don't know if he's steering with his knee, or using The Force or what. But it's something I cannot manage to do. So, I've learned I don't think I should try to do it any more. Just thought I'd share that interesting little tidbit with y'all.

00'52 // Take care.”

Transcribed by: frostyw
Tags: humor, travel

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