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“Well, it's 2:48 PM on Monday, December 22, and I have just pulled out of the parking lot of the apartment complex and am going to begin my drive back to Minnesota. The thing that's kind of creepy about all of this is that, like any big trip where you're going to be away for more than a day or two, there's always that sense of dread hanging over your head where you wonder if you've forgotten something, or misplaced something, or brought along something that you don't need that took the place of something that you did need. But I get that sense with every trip, even when I was travelling for work, so I guess I just need to learn to cope with it.

I am not expecting that traffic is going to be too terribly bad on the tollways on my drive out, and that's a good thing, because Ra is already starting to get fidgety in his carrier and I'm not really looking forward to him serenading me for the next six and a half hours. But what can you do?

So I'm going to wish everyone a happy holidays and a prosperous new year, and I'm going to get about getting my butt up to Minnesota to see my family and visit with my friends and my relatives who are in the hospital. Like I said, I hope everyone has a happy and a safe holiday, and I'll see you all in 2004.”

Transcribed by: moryssa
Tags: family, travel

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