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Imagines in my mind...

Here's another one I won't forget any time soon. On my drive in to work today, there was a gentleman standing at the corner of one of the major intersections I must navigate to make my way onto the highway system. This man was probably in his mid 50s or early 60s, undoubtedly a retiree. I think, for some reason, that he probably is also a veteran. He was standing at the corner of the intersection, safely out of the way, with an American flag on a pole. That flag had to be twice the size he was, but the wind kept it billowing in a very regal manner. Along with that, he was carrying a sign, upon which he had written "God Bless America / Don't Tread On Me."

I honked my horn several times and gave him a thumbs up as I passed by him -- I was in the lane immediately adjacent to where he was standing. Many others passing through the intersection did the same.

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