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Victory starts in the heart, then continues with the mind. Only after you have convinced yourself of your triumph can you truly act.

I brought my paperwork from the office down to the Addison campus today. Things were... Interesting... While I tried to get through the final stages of my re-enrollment. What should have been a 20 minute process to get a class and a new student I'd became a 1.5 hour ordeal, mostly because the company's Big Initiative has been encountering some problems. These problems naturally flow downhill, translating into major stumbling blocks at the campus. Eventually I believe we got it all sorted out, but since I'm not in the computer at this point I have to trust the papers I'm holding to get me a seat in the classroom (paperless office... Feh. We're using thrice as much now as before our great new system arrived). Still it would appear that unless something completely untoward happens I will be going back to class starting January 10th. Class will run from 8 am to 2pm according to the schedule I have right now although that may change a bit. I don't relish the thought of 6 hours straight of school first thing on a Saturday morning, but life is sometimes about sacrifices, right? Besides, I sit at the office for over 8 hours a day.

Of course, when I do that I'm getting paid pretty handsomely for my time. I'm sure there's a lesson here but I don't think I'll explore it at this precise moment.

There is other notable news tonight but it is of a more personal nature, so I think I'll keep it close to my chest for now.
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