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I was given excellent advice today, and after I had been home for a little while I acted on it. Around 8:00 PM I slipped into the bathroom, closed the door and drew a bath. I made sure the water was just the way I like it -- when I was done filling the tub there was steam rising from it. Sometimes it takes me a minute or two to ease into a tub full of water that hot, but after today's events it was exactly what I needed. Because of the shortage of time in my lifestyle and a desire not to be rude to my roommates I've pretty much been forced to use the shower instead of the bath, and so I haven't had a proper bath in months. I was quite eager to just immerse myself in hot water again for as long as I could. I figured if my skin turned wrinkly then all the better because it would mean I was having a nice long soak.

I relaxed in the tub for about half an hour, letting the water lap around me as I lay with my eyes closed. It was nice to be able to simply bask and let my worries seep away from me for a little while. As I rested in my cradle of steam and water my mind began to wander and I let it go willingly, knowing exactly where it would turn. I was not disappointed when it ventured to a place far distant, a place that I hope someday I'll see. There I dallied, music playing in my head as I thought of somebody incredibly special. In my mind I imagined that they had done this very same thing earlier today and had enjoyed the experience as thoroughly as I did. These thoughts kept me company and suffused me with a warmth that had little to do with the water that surrounded me.

This was a good way to end my day. Tomorrow will bring with it new challenges, but hopefully it will also bring good news as well. Regardless of the outcome I have a new memory to turn to that makes me smile a little, and I'll guard it rather jealously.

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