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Public service announcement

We live in troubled, interesting times... just as our parents did, and their parents and their parents before that. Since the moment we crawled out of the ocean and onto dry land to test our newly evolved lungs we've lived in perilous, frightening times. There has been no "Golden Age" where everything was peaceful and all was right with the world. Such a thing never existed. To think that it did is to exhibit a level of naievete that is truly astounding.

Now, with that being said I'm going to get to the meat and potatos of tonight's entry. It's December 7th, 2003. We're marching steadily towards January 1st, 2004. With 2004 comes the election in the United States for our next President. With any election (from school board to President of the United States) comes political discourse, and with political discourse comes drama. Because the signal-to-noise ratio has already started bubbling this early I'm going to conduct a little sweep through my "Friends List." I loathe the misnomer that the name "Friends List" represents, but I'll save that particular rant on LJ naming conventions for a later time. Suffice to say that if you notice you've been removed from my "Friends List" it's probably because your journal contains what I consider an abnormally high ratio of politically-charged commentary to other content as of late. This is probably a temporary condition, something brought on by the upcoming song-and-dance of our impending election.

If you've been removed, believe me when I say that it's not because I disagree with your views. In removing you I am not condeming your opinions, nor am I questioning the sexual orientation of your ancestors. I am not hiding from your righteous truth. I am not demanding you change your standpoint. I am not removing a temptation to argue. I am not saying you are wrong for posting political commentary in your journal -- it is, after all, your journal. I am not going to leave you off forever -- once this fervor dies down I'll probably add you back. I am not going to cry if you remove me in kind. I won't cry even if you never add me back.

What I'm hoping to achieve with this little exercise is to lower the signal-to-noise ratio on my friends list. I'm doing this because I just don't care a single whit about politics. I don't care to debate, because they're never debates -- nobody ever "switches sides," so "debating" usually leads to nothing more than hurt feelings. I'm going to be a nasty, bad, self-centered jackass and just skip that entire scene. In the coming few months my life is going to become sixteen times more complex than it has been in quite some time. I'm going to have more frustration, drama and general crap to deal with then ever. When my life is stressing me out to that level I completely shut down and politics stop holding any and all interest for me for the reasons I stated above.

So, since we're coming into a particularly politically-charged period of time I'm going to take preemptive steps to make sure I don't actually develop hard feelings towards people who are posting about what interests them.

This world will know

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