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Apparently there's a fad over at Yerf right now with a bunch of people uploading their particular flavor of parody of the iPod "silhouette" advertisements that have been out on billboards and magazines for a few weeks now. It was cute for a while, but eventually it hit the stage where it had stopped being cute and was borderline aggravating. Sooner or later somebody was going to get fed up -- and this time around that somebody was eisenkreis, who responded with a parody of her own. frostyw might not get as much of a laugh out of it as I did, but I still think the humor is readily apparent.

In other news I got my tuition reimbursement paperwork completed today and convinced management to sign off on all of it without too much effort. As soon as the ink was dry on the last signature I was over in HR and turning it all in for final approval and filing (For a school of technology we sure do love paper records). I got a blessing from the secretary and once I was assured that I'd dotted all my "i's," crossed all my "t's" and signed on all the proper dotted lines I was sent on my way back to my desk. As soon as I sat down I was on the phone, and within a short time period I got ahold of my admissions rep at the campus. We're now scheduled to meet up on Wednesday night next week so I can complete my re-enrolled in school and get registered for the next set of accelerated classes, which start in January as I believe I mentioned earlier. As an added bonus while I am there the staff will look over my transcript and tell me how much my academic roadmap has changed since my degree program doesn't really exist anymore (It's mutated into something else). I've currently accrued about 95 credit hours, which means I'm remarkably close to graduation. The problem is that nobody can tell me how many of those 94-or-so hours I'll be allowed to move over to the "evolved" version of my particular curriculum. Time will tell, I guess.

I finished Stephen King's "Wolves of the Calla" last night. I didn't much feel like being online and my wrists hurt something fierce so it seemed like a good way to pass the time until ten o'clock. Of course what happened was that I stayed up until around 1:30 in the morning because I couldn't put the book down. I had to get all the way through! I kept thinking to myself One more page and I'll stop, but I never did, not until I finished. So yeah.... I'm surprised at some aspects of the ending, not so surprised at the others. Some of it bordered on utterly surreal, but overall I enjoyed the read and am looking forward to the next installment in the series.

I talked with my parents today and found out that my cousin Priscilla had her operation last night to transplant the donated intestine, colon and other digestive bits. I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but it turned out that her half-brother Conway was a perfect match for a transplant -- and what is more important is that he was willing to donate a portion of his digestive tract to his sister. It seems the surgery wasn't a minute too soon (the medical advisors had delayed the effort after a preliminary operation last month went sour due to complications from the previous four surgeries she had been through in this debacle); according to the doctor who performed a good portion of the surgery her liver is looking worse and worse all the time, and is showing signs of failing far earlier than expected due to the damage from the intravenous feeding. The procedure ran overtime by about five hours according to my father, which is not a good sign. All they can do is wait and watch at this juncture, and hope that none of the hundreds of arteries that were re-attached develop any clots. They could give her anti-clot medications and essentially turn her into a walking hemophiliac (not that she'd be walking anywhere after having her abdomen cut open for the second time in 30 days), but there's a drawback -- anti-clot medications take a heavy toll on the liver as well, and they just can't risk it at this point. As it is right now she very well may need a liver transplant in the next 18 months. She really could use a break at this point, and I'm glad that I'll be going home in a couple of weeks to visit her. She can probably use some visitors because she's in a lot of pain and the outcome of the surgery is still uncertain -- a huge number of potential complications loom on the horizon for her. I'm worried. I probably shouldn't be, but having been in her situation..... I want her not to have to go through any more pain as these last six months have inflicted more than enough on her as it is.

The househunting process will be kicking off again shortly, for better or worse only briefly stopping for the vacation I'm taking this Christmas. I'm of mixed emotions about this. In one sense I want to get back on the ball and see if I can't line up a new domicile by March, and on the other hand I really dread having to go out and start driving around again, attending open house after open house. No pain, no gain... but still, I feel like I'm putting a lot of effort in for very little return thus far. It's all quite frustrating, and I'm left with more doubts than when I began. Have I fallen victim to the "instant gratification" disease that has afflicted American society, where waiting is no longer acceptable and we want everything now now now? I rather hope not, because a purchase this big should not be rushed into... but it's really the only way I can explain my exasperation with the entire effort so far.

Tomorrow is another of our weekly staff meetings, which will undoubtedly drag on for hours since we didn't have one last week due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

My stomach is doing slow, lazy flips so I think I'm going to retire to bed and try to wait it out. Why the hell am I getting sick now, a full two weeks after the con?

Your eyes they did all the talking

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