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Got the ball rolling...

On the way home from work tonight I made a quick detour past our Addison campus to pick up the transcript I ordered in mid-November. At the time they told me it would take two weeks or so, and that it would "probably" be ready on the 24th. Since we're well past that date I figured that if I swung by tonight it would be ready. I was right, it was indeed waiting for me to pick up... and it was dated the 18th. It figures that they'd overestimate the time for delivery, but frankly I'd rather they erred on the side of caution than in the other direction.

Since I've been out of class for approximately three years I guessed I would have to go through the process of re-applying, and I wasn't wrong. After a brief chat with the registrar I went down to the admissions office and talked to one of the officers there, a fellow named Howard who vaguely remembered me from the days when I was the web and Internet administrator for the school. Once he understood I was still working for the company (at the home office, no less) he relaxed a lot and proceeded to draw up my admissions papers. While he was doing so we talked a bit about work (he feels very strongly that the Big Initiative we're working on is a "fucking immense mistake that will come back to kick us swiftly in the balls," something I'm sure linnaeus will be absolutely thrilled to hear) and before I knew it I was set up for the second session of "accelerated" classes that start in January. Those courses can be quite punishing from what I'm told, so I'm not too sure about leaping back into the fray with such a hefty load. Still... it doesn't seem like a horrible idea, especially since I'm this far behind (I should have graduated in 1998!). The way I look at it I might as well try to get things going again as fast as possible, and if an accelerated courseload can propell me that much quicker towards graduation it's worth a try.

All that remains now is for me to clear the paperwork with my Human Resources department for tuition reimbursement (no money actually changes hands as we use a "credit chit" when an employee is taking classes at a local campus) and then I'll be set for actually getting enrolled in some courses. If all goes well I can have the tuition reimbursement form completed by my management by Thursday and get my classes scheduled by Wednesday of next week. I'll probably start out slow and just enroll in one class, and see how I like it. The "accelerated" courses only run for 8 weeks, so if it really sucks I can change out for a 15 week course when the new semester starts.

Here's to completing goals.... even if they're five years past due.

Don't need no credit card to ride this train

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