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I heard back from yotogi...

... and he made it home this morning. Apparently a number of the Greyhound staff thought he was absolutely insane for taking a trip on the bus from Chicago to his hometown, but in the end it seemed to have worked out. I wish he could have arrived home under better circumstances, but what matters in the end is that he's home and he's safe. This is good, because it means now I can start breathing again.

I found out that a package was shipped today to my apartment's address, and I couldn't be more delighted to receive such news. I'm not sure what the contents are, but I'm anxious to find out... and I think enveri and roho are eager to discover the box's secrets as well. I'm going to be checking my mailbox every day for the next month thanks to this news, but I'm sure it will be well worth the wait.

Since we're on the topic of good news, I'd like to wish a happy birthday to takaza. May your years be long upon this earth, my friend.

In closing I only have one other thing to write about, and it's really only an interesting sidenote. While at work today I took a look back at my November 2003 entries and discovered that I did indeed meet my goal of writing in my journal once a day. Even more amusingly there are numerous cases where I wrote multiple entries per day (especially over the weekend of MFF, which frankly surprises even me). They weren't all necessarily good entries -- I wish that I had been able to put more time and effort into writing a number of them. At least I was keeping up with the milestones I had set for myself, and for that I feel really quite proud. Let's see if I can duplicate this achievement for December and then keep the ball rolling well into 2004.

Beautiful to take a chance

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