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Crossing my fingers...

We dropped off at the Greyhound station around 1610, and said our goodbyes. I hope everything goes well for him... He had quite a horrendous line to stand in at the ticket counter.

Naturally it occurred to me only after we left that I hadn't given him a way to contact us if things go awry. Another "ooops" on my part. I'm starting to feel like a total idiot.

Currently roho, enveri and I are sitting in the I-94 "express" lanes (dnt let the name fool you) waiting for traffic to lighten up. We are all still digesting the burgers and beer we had at Mickey Finn's with Yotogi, a lunch that was pleasantly topped off with a cigar at a smokeshop just down the street from the brewery. We also stopped at "Treasure & Trash", a pseudo-antique and kitsch store immediate adjacent to Mickey Finn's. I found a ship in a bottle that will make an excellent gift for my grandfather, and found a neon sign that says "OLY". The sign was more than I could afford at the moment (the store only accepts cash) but the owner offered to hold it for me until next Sunday. "Oly" is the moicker that was given to my father by the other guys at the fire station (I have been labelled "Oly Junior" by the same crew) so I think this will be a pretty funny and surprising gift to give him this year. I will be sure to get up to the store this week with cash so I can take delivery, and once I have it in my hands I will take a picture to share here.

We're out of the express lanes and back on the tollway now... And naturally traffic seems to be moving fine. Murphy's Law strikes again. Yotogi's bus departs in 45 minutes, and I am hoping against hope that he is able to be on it.

I miss him already.

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