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We got to the Greyhound station about 3 minutes after yotogi's bus was supposed to leave. This would not have been a problem under normal circumstances, but there was a small problem... Yotogi misread the schedule and the bus actually left at 1715, not 1730 like he thought. So instead of being 3 minutes late we were essentially 18 minutes late.


So we drove back, cursing the traffic that had plagued us through the entire evening (and on the drive home). We got home, collected enveri and then went over to shoot pool at Bumpers for a while. We haven't been there in about 5 months and you could tell by how we poorly our shots went off.

So now its 2055 and we're sitting in The Continental, waiting for our dinner to arrive. Once we eat we will return to the apartment and return to our previous plan of drinking heavily (we were drinking Satan's Whiskers at the pool hall). We may watch some Babylon 5, we may play a few of my new PS2 games, we may fight with knives. Time will tell!

Everybody's coming, leave your body at the door

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