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Well, dinner at roho's relative's place was a rousing success. I stuffed myself with drinks (Mimosas and beer were my general choices to start the night with), and dinner was excellent. The turkey was juicy, the stuffing tasted great, mashed potatos and carrots were had and enveri contributed a decadent dirty rice. I added in some Great Harvest bread with slices of colby jack jalapeno cheese on top. After dinner we laced coffee with Bailey's and whipped cream, then feasted on pie (I opted for the blueberry pie).

I absolutely ate myself stupid. I had to crawl into Lori's living room to curl up on the couch for a nap if I wanted any chance of surviving -- I ate so much my stomach distented and I actually hurt.

In other unrelated news my package to shiver101 arrived safely at its destination today... 23 days from shipping to arrival, that must be a new record! I'm glad it got there well ahead of the holiday it was sent for. I hope she enjoys it.

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