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Not much to say tonight...

Work went as smoothly as can be expected on a day when I have to make statements like "I never want to hear you utter that phrase again." Vendors are incredibly stupid sometimes and this one was guilty of a number of asinine statements, and then they tried to pass off their problem on my network. "Oh, the file transfer's origin randomly and inexplicably jumps from one server to the other because the network has some sort of issue." Ummm, what? Eventually I couldn't tolerate their excuses any longer so I put them in their place with a five minute tirade. I dunno how other people in the company handle situations like this, but I refuse to be bullied by a company we just bought $30 million dollars worth of software from. On the upside there was an added bonus: I received my paycheck! Thanks to the magic of direct deposit it actually hit my account this morning at midnight, fully two days early, and man am I glad to see that cash. I had actually forgotten that this week was a pay week...

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and as such there will be the traditional dinner. Since I will not be back in Minnesota to celebrate the holiday with my family this year I have been invited along with yotogi to the annual bash that roho's cousin holds at her home. I've heard lots of good things about this so I'm anxious to see how it all works out.

Right now, however, there's a bed with a Ra curled up on it that's calling my name. Who am I to resist the siren call of warm blankets and barfing housecats?

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