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  • Downside: I have to go back to work tomorrow.
  • Upside: yotogi is staying with us for a few extra days. Perhaps I can convince him to move to the Midwest and take up residence with me once I buy a house?
  • Downside: I spent so much money this weekend that Discover is calling me in the middle of the night and asking me when my firstborn is due.
  • Upside: It was worth every penny.
  • Downside: I have a great deal of unpacking to do over the next few days. Parts are spread throughout the apartment.
  • Upside: Plans look solid for a dinner outing tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to the company.
  • Downside: Marcus managed to escape out the door and required three people (Myself, Kat and Kitfox) to catch him. Apparently it was a lot of fun to make us run around for ten minutes in the cold like complete idiots.
  • Upside: Material happiness was sitting in my mailbox. Both my orders from Deep Discount DVD arrived over the weekend, so now I have the fourth season of The Sopranos. I also have copies of Johnny Mnemonic, Aqua Teen Hunger Force volume one and Space Ghost Coast to Coast volume one. Along with that was an envelope from Pictage containing photos from the wedding of spoothbrush and captain18. I'm rather pleased with them and have a few devious plans involving at least one of the photographs. In addition to that was a most unexpected card from amichele2. I'll have to thank her for surprising me like that on a Monday. Usually Mondays tend to drag me down a bit.
  • Downside: It was snowing today, but it doesn't feel like Christmas season for me because Thanksgiving has yet to occur. Despite this factoid the asshats at WNND (the 80s and 90s station I normally listen to on my commute) have changed the station over to twenty-four hour Christmas music. I call upon the cleansing power of fire, and I don't believe anyone will disagree when I say that it's time for napalm enemas.
  • Upside: Ra was happy to see me, and he's being an absolute cuddle-whore.
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