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Short report.

  • We did BD's today for lunch, thus keeping the universal equation balanced. The galaxy's existance is safe for another seven days.
  • Digestive retribution occured not long after we left BD's, just as we arrived at the Randhurst mall (said mall will henceforth be known as "The 'dirt' mall" since it reminds me of the dive from Mallrats). I blame this occurence on the continuing stomach problems I've been experiencing since early yesterday morning. I never want to use that bathroom again. The only redeeming feature of my little side-trip into the mouth of hell was the discovery of Animation Art, a store that specializes in production and seri animation cellsm along with autographed pictures and posters. They had a really nifty Sopranos piece that I'd like to buy some time.
  • The three of us attended today's MFF staff meeting, which is the last one before the con. People are stressing out, and it's sort of interesting to watch.
  • I talked with eisenkreis for a while this morning. We laughed. We cried. LJ user icons were discussed. Soon my collection of icons will not look quite so bleak and dull.
  • I found this poster on Art.com. I want it. I will own it soon. Oh yes.
  • I found out that the boxed set for Babylon 5: Season 4 will be released in early January of 2004. I have already submitted my preorder.
  • I ordered the first volumes of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
  • I delved further into "Wolves of the Calla." It's nice to see that Stephen is back in the old Dark Tower groove. I'm going to be anxiously awaiting the next installment when I'm done with this novel.
  • I compiled the BlackBox Window Manager on my server and used that to replace the crap-tastic experience that is Window Maker. It is officially less painful to run X-Chat locally on the server now.
  • I dallied for a while at OddTodd.com and if your'e bored, I suggest you go there too. This site is maintained by an unemployed fellow, and the animations are a good chuckle.

    One more time to kill the pain

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