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So I looked at another house today, once again asking roho and enveri to tag along with me to provide a critical eye, navigation services and companionship. Visiting this property was somewhat of an adventure -- there seemed to be a gas leak in the area -- and I didn't get to actually go inside but I liked what I saw the first time around the property. The place does need work and improvement, there's little doubt about that... but I'm willing to put sweat equity in so long as I don't have to rebuild the entire thing from the ground up because it can be a worthwhile investment. As far as the property goes the 2.5 car garage looked pretty nice and it had a killer deck on the side away from the road. The subdivision its in is older, built in the early seventies, and I rather appreciate that because it eliminates the "cookie cutter" look of houses that have been built in the last three years. It also means there are trees, older residents, younger residents.... it's a good neighborhood. Another plus is that the front yard is almost completely obscured from the road by several large spruce trees and the back yard was a decent size with an excellent wood fence on the perimeter. The property is on a cul-de-sac -- a definate bonus. Things that are Not So Good about the place are numerous but I don't think they're by any means insurmountable, I just need to keep them in mind as I weigh this one against the others. To briefly list what I spotted right away: there's no central air conditioning, the siding has been damaged in one place by trees and needs to be patched before the snow flies, the paint is peeling on the garage trim, the back yard needs some landscaping done and the windows all need updating.

I'm scheduled to take a look at the inside of the house Monday afternoon. I know the kitchen has been updated, so I'm rather curious to see what the rest of the place looks like. It's not the largest house I've looked at by any means (My parents have a much larger home) but I think it would be a good size for me to start with, especially when you consider that I'm still a bachelor. A three bedroom house with a great room and a family room should provide more than sufficient space for my cat and I to rattle around in.

I wonder if this is The One? The best advice I've received when I first started talking about buying a house was "don't fall in love with a place." This is good advice indeed, but it runs exactly counter to some other advice that my mother gave me one night when we were talking on the phone. She told me "Look for the place that clicks with you, that you can most easily envision yourself living in." I haven't reached that stage yet (it's hard to envision living in any place that you haven't seen the inside of) but having toured the property I have to say that I'm pretty pleased with what I have seen this far.

Right now my stomach is apparently quite unhappy with me. albeit for reasons unknown. I've been in and out of the bathroom more times today than I have all week and it's getting to be a little annoying. Hopefully Ra will let me sleep in tomorrow. I think if I can just sneak in a few extra hours of sleep tomorrow I'll feel better in the morning.

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